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Hello, thank you so much for checking out Meet the Mathers! I really hope you enjoy my thoughts, photos and experiences. Here you’ll find all the details about working with us, if you have any questions feel free to email (sabrina.mather@hotmail.com).

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On Meet the Mathers, we may from time to time work with a variety of brands to interest you as readers via advertising, product reviews or general content. We would never work with brands that we don’t feel would suit our blog and/or use products that we wouldn’t be willing to buy ourselves. We will always clearly mark any products/brands that are not bought with our own money, so you are aware, however, this will not affect our review of the product.

We may from time to time use affiliate links, where we may get a small proportion of any sale you make from using our link. This will not cost you anything extra. Any products received for a review by us, will be clearly marked so you are aware that these are not bought items. We may sometime use affiliate links, meaning that if you click on a link to a retailers website and buy something, then we may receive a small percentage of your purchase. This doesn’t cost you anything extra.

We will always try to use all our own images, but if it isn’t possible, then we will always link the source. Please ask if there are any images that are our own, that you would like to use.

Info for Brands/Businesses

We love working with a variety of brands and business across all our social channels, and am happy to try products for you and review them here on our blog. We will always give 100% honest review and will not review anything that we do not believe in. We can also produce and connect videos to our audience on our YouTube Channel. I tend to only accept products which I feel are relevant to my blog and readers. This includes disney items, toys, beauty, makeup, fashion, technology pieces etc. If you feel your product or company fit within these, please email me: sabrina.mather@hotmail.com


We don’t want to bog down the content of our blog by being solely advertising other peoples products. We will offer a few exclusive advertising slots based and a First Come, Fist Served basis, as well as it being in line with our blog. If you’d like to be a part or would like any more information for working together, the please feel free to email Sabrina at sabrina.mather@hotmail.com

We are really looking forward to work with other bloggers and business in the future. In the meantime, please feel free to follow us on our other social media channels; @meet_the_mathers (Instagram) or email us at sabrina.mather@hotmail.com. Feel free to ask any questions on product reviews, sponsoring, advertising or just for a good ol’ chat!

Hello & welcome to my blog.

My name is Sabrina and this is a little blog about my gorgeous family from Sheffield, UK. There are 4 of us Sabrina (Mum), Joe (Dad), Chloé and Ralph + Bear our dog too!

I love all things Disney, making memories with my family and exploring the world!

One of my New Years goals is to write a blog post at least once a month. Here it goes – it can’t be that hard can it?!

Lots of love,

Sx 😘


You can also find me here:

Instagram: meet_the_mathers

YouTube: Meet the Mathers



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