Our Disney Pin Collection



Anyone who’s been and visited a Disney Park in the past will have surely seen people with Disney Pins. Whether it be a Cast Member on their lanyard or a group who have just bought 5 blind bags and are excitedly opening them to see what they got!



How did you get start with your Pin Collection?IMG_1953.JPG

In all honesty, completely accidentally! Back in 1998 my family and I were on our 4th visit to Walt Disney World and we went to the newly opened Animal Kingdom. Being 8 years old, I desperately wanted a Safari Hat with Pins on! I thought that was just the coolest thing to wear. And that was the start of our Pin Collection!

After purchasing said hat, I began to notice that there were lots that you could buy in the parks, so off I went with my spending money and snapped a few up. I never at the time realised what a huge thing Disney Pin Collecting was!

Whilst conducting our Disney Holiday 2017 research, I found a few YouTube videos regards Disney Pins. That is when the penny dropped!

Our PinsIMG_1976.JPG

What is your favourite Disney Pin?IMG_1955.JPG

My favourite pin is the Pandora Opening Day pin. I still can’t quite believe that we were lucky enough to be in Pandora on opening day!

This Pin is also special in that it opens up to reveal Na’vi inside! It just reminds us of being on the Na’vi River Journey Ride at Animal Kingdom.


Although we don’t have anywhere near as many as some, we still love our little collection and can’t wait to expand it futher! If you are in the UK, Disney Store UK have some online. Keep your eyes peeled for some new limited edition ones coming out very soon!!!

Do you have any favourite pins? If so, we’d love to know!

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